Top 5 Benefits Of SEO to grow a website on SERP

In this digital world, Every Business or Person wants to Improve their visibility on SERP, through their website or social media platforms. 

Having a strong online presence plays a crucial role in a successful business. 

So, SEO is a way to improve your online presence and attract traffic organically. SEO  can help you to grow your business in all directions, from awareness to getting trust without burning a single rupee. 

That’s why in this blog I have shared multiple benefits of SEO. Let’s Explore  

Before Going In Depth, know the basics of SEO.

What Is SEO

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website according to search engines to get free organic traffic from these particular search engines like Google and Wing by getting the top position in a keyword on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Benefits of SEO

Here are some Important Benefits and Advantages Of SEO


#1 Benefits of SEO - Increased Organic Website Traffic

Seo is like a jackpot to attract organic and targeted audiences without using money. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, you can use ads, Press Release, and social media but SEO traffic is quality-based traffic. This audience can be converted easily. 

See Why SEO Traffic is the Best Traffic 

1-  SEO is a totally free activity, so the traffic that comes from SEO is also free.

2-  SEO traffic is mostly targeted traffic that comes from targeted keyword searches. 

3-  The user who has visited your site through SEO is easily ready to buy from your site. 

4-  In Simple Words, SEO traffic has a higher conversion rate. 

5- Through SEO your website can be stable on SERP for a long time on a particular keyword. 

When any user searches for any query on a search engine like Google, then it shows relevant results, so if your website has good quality content then you can easily rank on the Google first page. 

Through SEO you get users who search for any query or product related to your niche and looking to buy. This is not possible in other marketing channels for free. 

No other free marketing strategy can deliver the same kind of quality-based targeted traffic. 

That’s why SEO is the top traffic source for most of the companies in the market. 

seo traffic

#2 Benefits of SEO - SEO is a Free Activity

Seo is a free activity and the most cost-effective process compared to others like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

On other Platforms, you need to spend money on website design, content writing, Social Media Influencing, and many more. 

But for Seo, you just need to improve your website quality and share relative or informative content. No need to spend money on SEO, you can also do it yourself if you have time or some basic information or no money to hire an SEO expert.  

And if you are running ads also, then after a time when results are good, traffic comes, you can stop running ads because now your website getting organic traffic. But with paid campaigns, you always need a budget to run ads on Google and Facebook.

There are many example websites through which people earn lots of money by doing SEO only.

#3 Benefits of SEO - SEO Makes You a Trustful Brand

Millions of Peoples Searches their query on Google and if your website rank on Google’s first page, then you get organic and targeted traffic on your website

That’s why if you are ranking on Google’s first page, your website becomes trustworthy. 

Through SEO your website can get a higher ranking in Google and it helps you with brand awareness and trust with popularity 

In Simple words, When a user (who doesn’t know about your work or business) searches on Google for something related to your product or service and your website comes on Google’s first page, there is a 99.9% chance that the user will come on your website. So, it will help you to become a trusted and popular brand. 

After some time people will search on Google by your brand name to buy something related to your niche directly from you. For example, if you want to purchase shoes online then first you will search on Google for a company name like Amazon or Flipkart because nowadays these are popular brands in their industry. 

So, SEO will help you in gaining trust and becoming popular. 

#4 Benefits of SEO - SEO Support paid marketing

Seo is a free activity, through it you can bring organic traffic to the website but it also supports paid marketing Campaigns.

Through Seo, you can easily make your keyword list for your paid campaigns because now you have a Idea of whom you have to target and what is your location. 

According to Google, Almost 15% of searches are new because Google represents new user queries to provide the exact result on SERP. And the most important thing is that keyword research tools have limited information, that everyone is using for paid marketing. 

In Simple terms, If you want to get the exact data then follow Google results through Google Search Console. Here, you can easily find your ranking ranking keywords, engagement, and clicks. 

If you follow or use these terms then you can also get good results in Paid Marketing with low CPC (Cost Per Click). Simply you can boost your conversion rate. 

If you are ranking on a particular keyword on SERP that makes you money through SEO, now you can also run ads on that particular keyword to get a boost in your website traffic  

Simple, if you work on SEO it helps you in paid marketing on the same page. Here is the Screenshot you can see. 

Benefits of SEO

#5 Benefits of SEO - SEO promote your business 24/7/365

Everyone knows Search Engine like Google works all the time, and it never stops. More than 1 Lakh People search on Google every second. That means you can get traffic or customers 24/7/366 for your business. 

Even your business provides services 24/7 or not it doesn’t matter but Seo promotes your business every second without any cost. 

Through SEO you help millions of people by providing relevant information to them with the help of Google. It also increases the value of your website and makes you a Brand. 

SEO is a long-term ongoing strategy and it promotes your business organically. 


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