Know Everything About ‘Google Word Coach’

From time to time google introduces to its new features like ‘People also search for’& ‘People Also Ask’. Google Word Coach is also one of the popular features of Google. It is like a game for learning English Vocabulary. 

It is a word game where you have to answer synonyms, antonyms, etc. This Game is designed to help in efficiently learning English vocabulary. This Game is available for both mobile and desktop users.    

In every field, you need perfect English, and if you want to become a digital nomad then you have to be good at English speaking, it helps you a lot. So to learn vocabulary to speak English well, you can try Google Word Coach.

Before Playing, It looks like;

Google Word Coach

Hope now you have a basic idea about Google Word Coach.

It’s very simple to play a vocabulary game with Google Word Coach. Here we mention a few points, you have to just follow these.

Step 1-  Open the Browser on your desktop or mobile, where you want to play. 

Step 2-  Type Google Word Coach in the Search Query.

Type Google Word Coach

Step 3-  Click On the Google Word Coach Website ( )

Click on Google Word Coach Website

Step 4-  Click on ‘Start the Quiz’ Button 

Start the quiz google word coach

Step 5-   Choose the right answer to the given question, It looks like this;

MCQ in Google Word Coach Game
MCQ in Google Word Coach Game

You have only 15 seconds to answer otherwise answer shows automatically. It will explain the answer clearly. 

It displays two colors, Green is the right answer and the other one is the wrong answer.

Right Answer and Description

To Play forward click on the next question. 

Mainly 3 types of questions asked in this Google Game;

1- Synonyms Words ( Similar Words )

2- Antonyms Words 

3- Image Quiz

This is a very basic game of words. If you want to improve your vocabulary this game helps you a lot.

This Game was officially announced by Google in 2018 and now this is also in India. Here is the Screenshot of ‘What Google Says About This Game’;

Google says about Google word Coach

To improve English vocabulary, this game is the best platform to learn funnily and engagingly. If you want to know the basic benefits of this game, then here we describe some points, have a look; 

Some Other Games like Google Word Coach

There are many games and apps designed to help in improving vocabulary but according to me the easiest game is Google Word Coach. 

Here we also mention some other games or apps similar to Google Word Coach. 


In Simple Words, Google Word Coach is the easiest game to help in improving English vocabulary.  It’s easy to use for everyone and explains the meaning of words quickly, also with an example. 

As you know we wrote the blogs here to help you in the Digital Marketing Era. So If you are a Digital Marketer or a Digital Nomad then English Speaking and English vocabulary is very important for you. So this tool helps you also to improve your vocabulary without feeling bored.

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