Know All About NMM New Mobile Media Company: Fake or Real

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn more and more money and for that, there are millions of platforms where you can log in or sign up to start earning money. In this NMM (New Mobile Media) blog post, you will get all the information about this online earning platform NMM in detail. 

But before starting to earn money on this so-called platform, you should know the privacy policy of this N Mobile Media App or Company. 

Is this App or Company Fake? So, how can you decide which one is fake or which one is genuine? Let’s go into deep about this Company to know how you can get registered and the most important thing to know is how can we make money.

What is New Mobile Media?

New Mobile Media is a simple online earning platform where you can start earning money in just one click, according to the company. You can make money by referral but for that, you have to invest some rupees before. 

So it’s a referral revenue platform and for that, you get charged around 260 rupees for sign-up. 

This is the most popular company in comparison to the others because according to the company it provides 90 percent commission to its users.

New Mobile Media (NMM) Website Is Fake Or Real?

So Guys, First of all, I would like to tell you that this is an online earning platform, where you have to invest some rupees first then hopefully you can make money there and the company says that you will make money definitely.

But According to me, before investing a single rupee there you have to check all the information and company policies. In the Online world, millions of companies promise that if you join them you will become a Millionaire.

What we found on Google About New Mobile Media

Just for Investigation, I tried to search about this company on Google, and believe me I found nothing genuine about this. Even I am unable to find the website, from where everyone is earning money. I showed you the screenshot of Google when I searched about this NMM Media Company there.

New Mobile Media
New Mobile Media

As you can see above after searching on Google for this particular company, it shows that this is a simple online earning platform but I would like to tell you that Google shows the information on the Result page according to the information available on top-ranking blogs.

New Mobile Media Website is not Available

But if you read that information carefully then will notice that it recommends an official website of this NMM Company. So Let’s Search that website on Google; (

New Mobile media official website
New Mobile Media’s official website

Guys when you search that official website on Google you will find nothing and you will be redirected to this particular webpage. Here you can see easily that ‘This Domain may be for sale’ means this type of website or app is not available right now.

So, this is a completely fake information. Please be aware about it and don’t go on these types of websites or apps, they can also hack your computer or mobile, so be safe.

New Mobile Media Website Is Safe Or Not

Now, if you are asking whether this website/app is safe or not? My answer is absolutely ‘Not’. As you can see above everyone is telling lies that a website of this N Mobile Media Company is available but in actually the truth is there is not any genuine website available. I have also shown you the screenshot above.

Again this could be very dangerous for you, So please don’t open any app or website related to NMM Media Company.

Here are some genuine reasons that can help you to know that this is fake or scam;

  • App Or website is Not Available
  • Thousands of people have lost their money
  • Not any type of Official Contact details are available on Google
  • No Official Social Media Account is available
  • Not any source available to get real information about this

Final Thoughts On New Mobile Media Company

I have tried to show you the reality of this NMM Company. According to the information, it’s totally fake or scam. Be aware and be safe from these types of fraudulent websites.

New Mobile Media is not a genuine company. These types of websites or apps can also hack your mobile phones or laptops with a virus. So again, don’t install any type of App on your mobile phone unless you have not enough information about that.

If you really want to earn money online then you can become a Digital Nomad, Blogger, YouTuber, etc. because these all are genuine ways. Hope You will get all the answers to your questions. If you want to ask something else then please ask in the comment section, and I will reply to you there.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the full form of NMM?

NMM refers to New Mobile Media. According to the Company, it is an online earning platform.

Is New Mobile Media Genuine?

No, It’s not safe.

How can I download the New Mobile Media App?

No, You can’t download it because it’s not available. It’s a fake company.

Can I get Information about New Mobile Media In Hindi?

Yes, to know about NMM in Hindi you can visit here.

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