How to Work On ‘People Also Search For’ Query In SEO

Whenever you search for any query on Google, you will find a box ‘People also search for’ on the right side of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

Have ever you thought about what is it and what it means? So here we are going to discuss in detail about this particular query or topic. 

Please have a look to gain a better understanding of this. 

People also search for

As you can see above how it looks. 

Know In Details About ‘People Also Search For’ Query or Keyword Importance In SEO

When you search for a Query on Google you will find a box “people also search for” where Google shows you terms related to your query. 

These all are PASF (People also search for) Queries that occur more when you are searching from your mobile or smartphone. So you can find new ideas or topics easily from here. 

Google uses this term to show you better or more accurate results according to your query. 

If you want to rank your website on this query ‘People also search for’ through SEO then definitely this is the right blog post for you.  

What are PASF (People also search for) Keywords? 

PASF are the related keywords of the main query that has been searched on Google by other people.  

For example, If you are searching on Google for Search Engine Optimization, then you may also see the results of SMO, PPC, or related to these queries. 

Look here;

People also search for

Google tries to show you accurate results and also predict what you want to search for. 

So, these results are extremely helpful if you are searching for new keywords for your website or blog posts.

Why are PASF keywords Important for SEO and PPC?

Before some time GOOGLE launched a new feature “People also search for” to show the related results to the main query on SERP. 

When Google notices that the user clicks on a search result and immediately comes back to the Google SERP. They didn’t spend time on the result webpages which means the user doesn’t get the accurate result. Then GOOGLE decided to show PASF keywords, searched by those users who have also searched for a main query. 

So, If you want to rank your website on SERP then you have to work on PASF Keywords. If you have a webpage or blog post with those keywords related to your niche then there is a high chance to get rank because now Google recommends you. 

To be honest, For SEO work this is a goldmine. 

PASF google results
PASF Google Results

Benefits Of PASF (People Also Search For) Box

When you search for the LSI Keywords this box helps you a lot. Here we mention some benefits of the PASF box, Have a look;

1- You can find secondary keywords easily from here. 

2- PASF queries can also correct your spelling if you are not sure about the keyword. 

3- It helps to improve your ranking on SERP. 

4- PASF is free of cost that’s why I am saying it’s a Goldmine.

Overall, PASF queries can help you to find relatable keywords.

How to do SEO for ‘People Also Search For’ to get your website in PASF Box

I hope you will understand the work of PASF Box. Now the question is how to do SEO on our website for this. 

Suppose, If you have a blog website and you publish articles related to Digital Marketing like our website blogshai, and you want your website in the PASF Box then here is the simple steps to follow;

1- Always write blogs or articles in a particular category or niche because now Google represents you by that category. 

2-  Choose a topic to write an article and try to cover all the related queries. 

3-  Always provide genuine information in a simple language so users can understand easily. 

4-  Use Inbound links in related keywords.

5-  Write to write FAQs in every blog post. 

Understand and Work on Search Intent

PASF (People Also Search For) Box was introduced by Google itself to help users by providing relevant and accurate content. 

To Optimize your website according to PASF you should work on user intent. You need to understand the purpose of a user query, and what exactly the user wants. 

The Best way to determine the search intent is to use some tools like Samrush

Through this tool, you can easily determine the intent of a keyword, its looks like;

Google Search Intent by Samrush
Google Search Intent by Samrush

Difference b/w ‘People Also Search For’ and ‘People Also Ask’

When you search for a query on Google you will notice that two different sections appear on SERP, the first one “People Also Search For” and the second one is “People Also Ask”.

Both Sections are very helpful in finding relatable keywords but there is a minor difference. 

The PASF section can help you to understand what exactly people are searching on Google related to your query while the ‘PAA’ (People Also Ask) section can help you to know the answers of some other questions related to your queries from different websites. 

See, How the PAA queries look like on Google Search; 

People Also Ask
People Also Ask

FAQs | People Also Search For

Here are the few answers of the most important questions.

Full Form Of PASF Box

PASF full form is “People Also Search For”

What is the work of PASF Box?

PASF Box shows you relatable results according to your query.

In which year did Google Introduce ‘People Also Search For’?

In 2018, Google introduced the ‘People Also Search For’ feature in Google Search Results.

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